The Wellness Revelation

Why the Wellness Revelation? Hear from Gloria what the study has done for her. Join me for a 9-week online study as we seek to lose what weighs us down.

Step 1: Sign up


The cost for the 9-week study is $75 (+ the book). That covers 9 weeks of study materials, weekly zoom calls, a workout plan and more.


Step 2: Buy the Book

Buy the book from Amazon (note this is an affiliate link so it helps me a little bit).

Step 3: Get Excited!

You will get an invite to a private Facebook group and a link for our zoom calls. Calls will be every Tuesday at 8pm (EST).

Start praying for what God would do through this experience. We first go before the King and ask Him to be in our time, give us bravery to face what comes, and cover us in His love as we take this journey together.

Here is to the journey friend! I know you can do this.


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